The story behind Missy Lou Lou,

Hey I’m Holly the owner and creator of Missy.

A little bit about me and my passion that brought Missy to life.

I grew up spending all my days at the local skating rink, and I always had a dream of creating a cool brand just for us girls. Back then we only had surf brands and skater brands just for the boys which made it hard to shop for cool clothes as a chick.

Fast-forward 20 years, spending many years living over in europe and working in the Tattoo industry, I decided it was time to move back to Melbourne and get this brand started.

All collections are created by myself, with a heavy focus on different tattoo styles and retro designs which is where most my ideas evolve from.

My goal with Missy is to create a brand for us babes that is about quality, comfort, style and of course kick ass designs.

I print every single item myself in my studio in Melbourne, so this allows me to give you babes all the extra goodies and attention needed to create an awesome Missy community.

Big love and thanks for stopping by

Holly aka Missy xxxx

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To offer the market a brand which is solely for Women and represents comfort and style with the female body in mind. Missy Lou Lou has been developed by a female who wants to offer cool and edgy clothing to all the badass ladies out there.

My goal is to bring together amazing artists from all over the globe and to create something unique and cool just for us chicks! I print everything myself from my Missy Lou Lou studio here in Melbourne.

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